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Easy ways for tackling the issue of Hair loss at your home

Hair loss or hair thinning is a problem faced by every single human being at an unexpected time in their life. With the advancement of social media in the world, every person wants to have a good-looking and attractive personality. People’s comparison with different celebrities has led to many physical insecurities and this is not healthy for a human body to think about such things. Having healthy and bouncy hair makes us feel good about ourselves and boosts us with a certain level of confidence. Hair is considered as an ornament or an accessory, that needs to look beautiful as it is said that it reflects your personality.

If our body is losing 50-100 strands of hair follicles every day or every week, it is considered to be natural but a little quick action is required so a little work and less worry will help to prevent this. Thus it is said that if so many responsibilities lie with one part of our body it must be taken good care of. A few changes in our lifestyle and routine can do wonders if followed judiciously.

What if I told you that hair loss can be prevented and even spurt up hair at the comfort of your home? Yes, this is possible but requires a dedicated time routine which has to be followed regularly for seeing a change. So, let us understand this problem from its root and find its solution.

Why am I losing my hair so early?

At certain times of our life, we face hair loss or hair thinning and we get stressed and worried which doesn’t help but creates more problems. With age, hair starts to grow thinner and even lose its volume and become fragile but this is natural. What is the reason when hair starts to fall at a young age, say the early twenties, that creates an issue giving the young minds more to worry about?

There are many reasons for unexpected hair fall some are-

1. Hereditary or genetic- This is a natural condition seen in many generations of a family suffering from hair loss. Pattern baldness in both females and males is seen and then sudden hair loss takes place.

2.  Hormonal changes- Low levels of estrogen and progesterone which are the sex hormones can lead to hair becoming much thinner leading to hair fall. A decrease in these hormones can also increase the production of male hormones which are known as Androgens, they shrink the hair follicles resulting in hair thinning and loss of hair on the head.

3. Medical conditions- Many diseases leave us weak and have bad side effects on our body which pertain over the years if not taken seriously. Diseases like thyroid, typhoid, jaundice, and the major one to result in hair loss is alopecia areata which is an autoimmune disease that particularly attacks our hair follicles.

4. Medications- We take a lot of antibiotics to help us recover from a certain disease or condition but these antibiotics have both advantages and disadvantages which leave a mark on our body. These antibiotics have side effects which result in many problems and some of those include hair loss. Certain types of drugs do not suit many people and backfire the treatment by creating more problems in our bodies. Hence, to avoid such problems we should refer to a medical professional before taking such medications on our own.

5. Stress- Changing times have forced us to work from home and provide us with endless tasks to be completed in a timeline which has contributed to stress and tensions in our life. This stress is bad for our health and leaves different effects on our body and hair loss is one of them.

6. Hairstyles and Environmental conditions- Different hairstyles define different personalities of a person but certain types of hairstyles put pressure on our scalp, pulling out hair tightly can result in a condition known as traction alopecia.

The environment is degrading day by day, pollution in the air, infected drinking water, and change in lifestyles have impacted our health and certainly our hair. Thus, a good environment and a lifestyle are required to lead a healthy life.

How to prevent/Stop it- Natural remedies for hair loss

  • Every human being is different with different capabilities, hence, it is not always true that natural remedies may work on them or not but there is no harm in trying. The most basic and easiest thing which a person can do is start by eating more healthy food and less junk food.
  • Diet plays a major role in providing strength to our body and allows our organs to work more proficiently. When a person sticks to a healthy and balanced diet, this leads to a good circulation of blood in our body leading to natural hair growth, and provides our hair follicles a long life.
  • Exercise- If you want to lead a healthy life with fewer problems and more fun then exercise is highly recommended. Having a daily routine of at least 30 min of exercise can keep your mind fresh providing a good blood flow throughout your body especially your head region. This strengthens our hair strands and gives them a long life.
  • Use oils like coconut oil and mix it with a few drops of lemon extract and massage the scalp thoroughly. This strengthens the roots of our hair and cleanses the follicles of any bacteria or fungal growth. Apply this mix for 30 minutes and then wash your hair with shampoo.
  • Amla or Indian gooseberry contains vitamin C which is highly beneficial for our hair follicles, taking out the juice of Indian gooseberry and applying it to the hair strengthens our hair strands. After this procedure is done you should wash your hair after a gap of 30 min after applying the mixture. Follow this and you will see the result.
  • A lot of products are now available in the market for us to experiment with, promising us good natural long hair. But one should always look for products that contain the right amount of proteins and vitamins essential for the hair so that it works properly. Thus, anti-thinning shampoos, multivitamins, and some supplements that contain folic acid are a few of the products one should buy for having healthy hair.
  • Essential oils are available in the market for us and have proved themselves to be trustworthy and have shown results in many people. Lavender oil has been known to show the result in preventing pattern baldness. One can use essential oils by combining oils that are made from thyme and rosemary and apply on the scalp and leave it for 30 min, wash your hair after the procedure and follow it judiciously to see the positive result. It is not compatible with every other person so one should always seek professional help before experimenting with certain things. 

We all face hair loss at a certain point in our life due to any anonymous reason. This can start in your old age or even in your teenage years. One should not get carried away and use different hair products which may not only backfire but can even make you completely lose your hair. So, if you see some signs of hair fall you should deal with it with patience and without any stress or tension. Teenagers if facing this situation think about it too much which is not at all helpful and can increase your problems more.

 So how to deal with it if losing hair in your teenage or early 20s-

1. Relaxing and breathing can help in releasing the tensions and get rid of all the thoughts we think about all the time. Doing yoga can help in gaining good circulation in our body and growing our hair naturally.

2. One should always wash their hair after a gap of 2 days or even can wash regularly if recommended by a doctor. Dandruff if prolonged can lead to several diseases like Malassezia which exists on the scalp and can cause itching. Thus, washing your hair is an absolute necessity.

Dealing with stress related issues can help manage hair loss problems especially for boys and girls in their teenage years. Males in their early 20s are experiencing pattern baldness and hair loss problems and a major factor for the same is stress. Practices like maintaining a hair-care routine, yoga exercises and meditation, can solve stress and its related body problems easily and give you a long and healthy life.


Though they are not recommended if a person is just having normal hair loss of 5-10 strands a day because that can be fixed in the comfort of your home with just a little dedication. But if a person is facing or losing hair follicles more than 100 per day then treatment is highly recommended before it gets too late.

With the advancement in technology, professionals can reverse hair loss, or at least slow the rate of it. To start the treatment the patient has to undergo certain types of medications or even surgery in severe cases. Some medications like minoxidil, spironolactone are effective.

Hair transplant surgery also helps in regaining hair at a particular bald spot.


So, losing hair or its thinning is a natural process with age, one can either hope for it to get better on its own which does not help at all, or can work in resurrecting what you have lost. Hence, if you follow these natural remedies at your home they may work wonders and will show you the positive result. 

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