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Natural home remedies for preventing the growth of gray hair 

Teenage or young age is the most glorious time of one’s life. It’s the time of fun, adventure, exploration of a beautiful world, etc. So then why and what is troubling our health that is causing our hair to turn gray right from teenage to old age. Glowing and lustrous tresses are the most desirable part of our body. Nowadays it is very common in youngsters and teenagers to have premature or early graying of hair. 

The main causes which we face daily are changes in lifestyle including smoking (active and passive smoking), day-to-day stress of work, usage of excessive products on our scalp, diet, and environment are a few factors leading to the growth of gray hair.

What causes white hair at a young age

Graying of hair is very common nowadays. It has started affecting people from a very young age. Why is this happening? Let us start by looking at the causes of why our hair starts turning gray in color-

1. Smoking-

One of the major factors contributing to gray hair is smoking. A study showed smokers are more prone to develop gray hair rather than a person who does not smoke. Being in the vicinity of a smoking person also called passive smoking can also cause the same amount of damage it is doing to the person smoking.

2. Diet-

It is found that if we do not consume a healthy diet with the right amounts of vitamins in it can lead to premature growth of gray hair in our early teen years.

3. Genetics/ Hereditary-

If your family history indicates premature growth of hair in your early teen years then it will certainly carry on in the upcoming future generations.

4. Stress-

Changing times and overload of work has provided us with a new term in our life i.e. stress. This particular term can lead to a variety of other problems in our body and hair turning gray is one of them.

5. Medical Conditions-

If you are suffering from a certain medical condition it will definitely have side effects on your body leading to different weaknesses, and can also lead to graying of hair.

6. Products/ Hair dyes 

With the advancement in technology there has been an increasing generation of industrial products to be used for hair, but are they all worth it? The answer is no, as every other product can’t give the best quality to our body and certainly leave can affect in any way possible without us knowing. Different products contain different chemicals like hydrogen peroxide which is considered to be harmful to our hair, thus, we need to be careful while using such products.

Natural remedies to prevent gray hair

As now we have understood the root cause of premature graying of hair let us work on how to prevent it from growing further. If followed judiciously it can help in reversing it completely and restoring the glory of our hair. Home remedies help to turn gray hair into black permanently. Here are ways to help you reverse gray hair naturally and also get rid of them over time:

1. Diet- Everything is related to our diet and eating habits. Eat food items that are rich in vitamins like B-6, B-12, A, D, and E. Having these vitamins in our diet can help us regrow dark black healthy hair. Vegetables and fruits that are fresh and full of benefits like containing antioxidants should be eaten regularly. Juices and tea, especially green tea, help in reducing graying of hair and keep us young and healthy.

2. As smoking is one of the major causes of this problem, start by trying to cut back on them a little. Smoking can lead to many other problems too so it’s better to avoid such addictions. Smoking can lead to hair loss too and affects pigmentation i.e. the color of our hair.

3. Products– Markets are filled with different products satisfying the needs of the customer by selling their brands at different costs, but which to trust is a question that needs answering. It’s best to research a little on various brands by reading some customer reviews and the quality which the product has to offer. Hair dyes that are effective and do not show any side effects on our hair are best to choose.

4. Home products-  If you can’t spend on the outside products it’s best to find the solution in your home.

  • Amla/ Indian Gooseberry is rich in vitamin C which is highly beneficial for our hair color and its growth. It promotes pigmentation (color) to our hair and also acts as an anti-ageing factor. You can either take it in the form of a juice or as a powder, mix it with some oil, coconut being the best one, and then apply it on the scalp and let it be for at least 30 minutes then wash it.
  • Bhringraj Oil keeps hair from early graying and can be used in the same as Indian gooseberry. There are varieties of Bhringraj oil, but all of them contain extracts of False daisy, which is also scientifically known as Eclipta alba, found in a few regions of India, China, Thailand, and Brazil.
  • Black tea contains properties that can make our hair black and provide its natural strength. Rinsing hairs with the black tea acts as a natural hair dyeing agent. Even though the results will be temporary, this is the easiest way to cover gray hairs.
  • Certain minerals like copper in our diet can benefit us by preventing graying of hair. Vegetables like lentils, asparagus, spinach, etc. contain copper in them. Hence, include such vegetables in your daily diet to see the result.   

5. Natural Hair dyes- This is the best remedy as it can be made at home and can be applied numerous times because it doesn’t leave any side effects on our hair. In comparison to commercial products, natural dyes are much better.

How can I hide my gray hair without dying it?

The easiest trick to hide gray hair without dying it is by spraying a root concealer, using an airbrush, changing hairstyle, using make-up or herbs to cover roots and so on.

Some of the natural hair dyes recommended by experts are as follows-

1. As mentioned earlier Bhringaraj (false daily) mixed with coconut oil, heated for a few minutes, and then applied to the scalp region can do wonders for our hair. Repeat this twice a week.

2. Black pepper- Churned to fresh powder black pepper mixed with lemon juice and also some yogurt and then applying to your hair can benefit our hair in many ways.

3. Juices of carrots, beetroot, and spinach can be made for drinking and applying purposes too. Dry fruits like walnuts and almonds also help us in nourishing our hair growth.

Gray and white hair caused by genetic or age related factors cannot be reversed. However, factors like diet, pollution, bleaching and stress that cause graying or whitening of hair, can be slowed down with the above mentioned home remedies and a good hair care regimen.


By getting a deeper understanding of this problem now we can work on it, remove it from its root and grow our natural black dark hair back to its glory. As it is said prevention is always better than cure so with these natural tips you can see the change in your hair growth. Just a little change in your lifestyle and eating habits can do wonders in your life and help you lead a carefree and healthy living.

So with these remedies, you can regain your hair’s magnificence and its grandeur. Hope this article helps you in preventing premature graying of hair and restoring your natural hair.

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