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What is a double chin?

Collected fat tissues under your jaw that appear under your chin are called a double chin. There are a few reasons why you may have a double chin. Either being overweight or genetics or age causes loose skin. Usually, slim people with a double chin are so worried that it hampers their look, and many people who don’t know about the condition associate it with fat or someone being unhealthy. But it is natural in most cases. Fortunately for the people who dislike it and would like to get rid of it, we have discovered surgical ways and home remedies to help get rid of it.

Few causes of double chin:

  • Genetics.
  • Age causes the skin to become weak and saggy.
  • Diet, weight, obesity, and lack of exercise.
  • Postural issues.

Remedies for double chin:

You can do some exercises at home to work out the area and reduce the appearance of the chin. These include:

  • Neck exercises:

  • You can rotate your neck from facing down to looking up at the sky, stretched out position, while doing a few rotations clockwise then switching to counterclockwise. You can warm up your jaw beforehand by stretching to the left and right for a few seconds.
  • Another exercise you can perform is to whistle at the ceiling. Sit upright with your shoulders relaxed, tilt your head upwards toward the roof, and make your lips meet in the fashion as if you were whistling. You can hold this posture for between 10 to 20 seconds based on your tolerance but do not exert too much. Around ten reps should be fine per day.
  • One more variation is where you can use a small ball that fits under your chin and, a few times a day, hold it there and press your chin down firmly and steadily on it while sitting in a straight posture.
  • You can also pout and stretch your neck to get a workout. Sit upright, push your lower lip out and push your chin down as close to your body as possible while holding your back straight. Do a few times till your neck feels worked out.
  • Chewing Gum is another unorthodox method. While it is not recommended to eat too much and mess up your teeth with the sugar content, chewing gum sometimes can exercise the jaw. Alone this may not work, but in combination with other exercises, it can have an effect. Take a gum and chew it for a few minutes, even if the flavor is gone, so your jaw muscles are working out and moving the fat around.
  • Yawn like a lion. While this sounds like an unusual name for an exercise, it can be helpful. You have to open your mouth wide open like a yawn, stretch your tongue out as far as you can and hold it for ten seconds, and repeat up to 10 times before doing another exercise. Keep a relaxed and straight posture while performing this exercise.
  • Another variation of looking at the ceiling includes looking up and pushing your tongue against the roof of your mouth. Do 10-second long reps up to 10 reps a day as long as it is not too much for you.

  • Moisturizers and Creams:

Use some moisturizers which have anti-aging and skin tightening properties mentioned. These creams firm up your skin and make its appearance reduce.Devices and straps:

There are devices that exist that can be applied to your chin. These may include strips that slowly release caffeine and collagen into your chin that firms up the skin over time and tones the shape, or belts that put pressure on the area melting some of the fat cells. There are mouthpieces that make you exercise your jaw and lead to fat burn.

  • Gua Sha:

Gua Sha refers to a stone-made flat device or a roller that is used for various skin care and cosmetic routines. It was an ancient practice originating from China that was conceived to reduce puffiness and improve circulation under the skin of the neck and jaw. It would reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone and marks.
Another benefit of this that has been discovered is to reduce double chin. You may use the flat stone Gua Sha and scrape on your jawline connecting to the ear, scrape against the central part of the double chin, or use a roller on the central part. As discussed earlier, it stimulates blood flow, promoted lymphatic drainage, and gets the muscles active. The exact way to do it can easily be researched online with plenty of videos available. This may add a few minutes to your routine, but it will not only help in reducing your double chin but also make your skin look younger and glowing.

  • Cocoa Butter:

Take a few tablespoons of cocoa butter and rub it onto your chin. Do this procedure either before going to bed or before taking a bath. Massaging the cocoa butter into the skin makes it absorb nutrients that are said to improve the texture and elasticity of your skin. Not to mention that it smells absolutely amazing.

  • Wheat germ oil:

Similar to cocoa butter, wheat germ oil contains some nutrients that help to tighten the skin. You need to massage this starting from the base of your neck in an upward motion towards the chin. Perform this massage for 20 minutes before bedtime and leave overnight to see the results.

  • Egg white mask:

There is a mask you can make with egg whites. Mix two egg whites, a few drops of peppermint oil, one tablespoon of milk, a tbsp of lemon juice, and a tbsp of honey in a bowl. Apply it to the area around your neck and chin and keep it on for about 45 minutes till it dries. Rinse it afterward and repeat once daily to see results.

We shall explore some methods that require medical intervention and even some intrusive or surgical procedures:

  • Laser Therapy:

Laser therapy is pain-free, non-intrusive, and ensures you will reduce your double chin. Lasers melt away your fat cells, and only local anesthesia is used. The advantage is a quick treatment time. You can expect temporary bruising and up to 6 weeks before results are displayed.

  • Coolsculpting:

This is a method that is considered safe and non-intrusive. It involves freezing fat cells stored under the skin, thereby depriving them of nutrients and oxygen and killing them. It is a few months before the full result is displayed.

  • Lipolysis:

An injection-based procedure that takes 4 to 6 weeks to complete, may require multiple injections. It shows results faster, as you are injected with a substance that basically eats up fat cells. There are temporary bruising-like side effects.

  • Mesotherapy:

Similar to lipolysis, this is an injection targeted at the mesoderm layer, dealing with subcutaneous fat. A chemical that eats up fat is inserted.


While it can be seen that are several procedures to take care of a double chin, it is best to stick to the natural techniques unless it is absolutely imperative that you need immediately get rid of your double chin.

The main point you have to consider is whether you are absolutely sure that your double chin is a genetic condition and has nothing to do with your calorie intake and obesity. Even if you’re sure about the same, try to lose the double chin with the exercises and home remedies, it will leave you feeling better, and avoid injecting or taking in unnecessary substances in your body.
The skinny people who suffer from having a double chin, ideally stick to home remedies, or maybe just let it be if it doesn’t bother you too much? Everyone has a unique face and subtle differences can be endearing and make you stand out from the crowd. This could be thought of as a change of perspective.

Nonetheless, if you still decide to get any kind of treatment done, do consult a doctor before taking any step. Knowledge may be available in print or many other sources but your doctor who knows you and can identify any requirements professionally is the one who can decide best what route to take.









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