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A feasible solution to solving the problem of bags under at home

The human eyes are one of the gateways to the five senses of our body. It is said that the eyes give an idea of a person’s thoughts and feelings. How will we feel when there are bags under our eyes, this can lead to us being under-confident and sometimes also facing social issues in conversing with another person. This may look unnecessary to first read to but can lead to a major problem in our life and can also create a mental stigma if not taken care of at the right time.

With age, the human body faces a lot of changes in lifestyle, eating, sleeping habits, and many more things leading to many different conditions which we don’t care much about but it can leave a mark if we don’t take it seriously. The change in times has made us all adapt to new circumstances leading to new diseases and problems in our bodies. This condition of having bags under our eyes is not only a problem in old age but is being seen in the young populations too as the work from the home regime has made us forget our routine sometimes and made us live a lethargic life. The majority of the young population equate their self-esteem with appearances, but the drastic change in our lifestyle has impacted us by providing us with puffy eyes and bags under it.

But what is this condition and how to solve it are a few topics we are going to discuss in this article hoping this helps people facing this problem and these remedies can be done at the comfort of your home to get rid of eye bags. So let’s create a deeper understanding of the origin of these bags forming under our eyes.

What are Bags under the eyes?

These are the critical questions for getting a clear view of the problem and learning its remedy. Bags under the eyes can mean different things, out of many reasons one can be swelling which can result from water retention i.e the water holding capacity of the body is deteriorating thus leading to swelling at different regions and one can be under the eyes making it look puffed up. This does not depict a serious condition but if not taken care of at the proper time can remain forever and make it a part of our body that can be unattractive for us.

Following a skincare routine can do wonders for our face and help us get rid of this problem in very little time.

Causes of Bags under the eyes

1. Natural :

Aging is a natural process and every human being ages thus with age our tissues and muscles loosen up leading to the weakening of eyelids causing puffiness and formation of bags under the eyes. This can make us look tired and even stressed which is not good for our well-being. Growing old can lead to many deficiencies and problems if not taken care of by the body from time to time. The cells become large in old age and are not able to divide and multiply leading to an increase in the accumulation of fatty substances in various regions of our body one being under our eye.

2. Water Flow:

The water flow throughout our body also plays a major role in increasing this problem and if the flow is not fluent it can be held at certain positions eyelids are one of them to cause swelling under it.

3. Diet:

Diet and our eating habits can play a critical role in advancing the problem. We need to follow a diet that contains the right amount of proteins and vitamins and lessen the number of salts and carbs as it can increase the outcome of the formation of the bag.

4. Hygiene:

If a daily skincare routine is not followed it can lead to several problems. Washing our face and body are the basic things we should do daily. Products like face washes are available everywhere and should be used for face hygiene. If one can’t afford such amenities or doesn’t have the time to buy then a simple soap can also do wonders and help keep you away from such problems.

5. Exercise:

Exercising daily can help us refresh our minds and help us tackle unfavorable conditions. Take out some time in your daily routine and exercise as it can create a healthy relationship with your body.

Treatment/ Remedies- Ways to get rid of Bags under the Eyes

⦁ The basic and easiest thing to do can be to get enough sleep. A human being should have a sleep cycle for at least 7-9 hours daily. Hence, one should stick to a strict routine of sleep and follow it daily.

⦁ What to do if we have puffy eyes/ eye bags- A cold compress on eyes. A clean washcloth dipped in cold water and dabbed on the swelling/puffed-up region can help. This procedure should be followed regularly until you see swelling decreasing.

⦁ Focus a lot on diet, lessen the number of salts in your diet and increase the intake of proteins and vitamins. Having a decreased amount of salt will help in a good percolation of water throughout the body and water retention will stop happening to lead to a good flow and swelling will be decreased showing results. Following a healthy diet can shrink the puffiness and bags under our eyes in less time and make our eyes sparkle to its natural glory.

If you smoke then it’s a good time to quit as this can further increase the problem we are trying to lessen. Smoking comes with an unlimited number of losses in the body one being the skin thinning as the collagen which helps in the skin elasticity and keeps the joints healthy weakens and so the vessels become visible under our eyes and on our face.

Allergy can be one of the symptoms of bags under the eyes tempting us to rub the region of puffiness which can create more problems. So one should always stop rubbing the swelled-up region and control the sensation. It is best to take medical help in such situations as we don’t want to take any risk.

Dark circles are an additional problem which even yough generations are facing nowadays. These are caused due to many reasons one of them being overuse of gadgets and screen timing which exceeds the normal times. As everything in digital and electronic in these times one does not have much option rather than opting for it. Thus, this leads to dark circles under the eyes.

Now, how to remove dark circles permanently can be a bit challenging but can be accomplished.

1. Best possible way can be to reduce our screen timing by creating a proper time for usage of screen work and other works.

2. We can increase our sleep time as not getting sufficient rest can also lead to this problem.

3. If in a hurry, applying makeup can also help to cover our dark circles for a short period of time.

4. Use cucumber slices, green tea bags and cold compresses as this provides a cooling effect to our eyes and makes the dark circles go away.

The following tips can help reduce or eliminate eye bags :

Cosmetics can also help for a short period but it won’t suppress the problem it can just cover it up for a little time.

Retinol is beneficial for renewing our skin natural appearance and also helps in reducing the puffiness/ eye bags and even dark circles around our eyes.

⦁ As mentioned earlier cold compress or ice bags on the bags under the eyes lessens the inflammation and swelling, even chilled vegetables or cucumber slices kept on eyelids can help in reducing the swelling.

Eye creams containing vitamin C are highly effective in alleviating bagginess. Collagen which we talked earlier about can do wonders if treated with vitamin C as it helps in the production of skin fiber.

Eye creams containing natural ingredients like green tea and caffeine can also help a lot in alleviating the swelling.

Essential oils have been considered beneficial as they help in reducing eye puffiness and bagginess.

The most effective ones which have relieved the puffiness are:

1. Eucalyptus
2. Clove oil
3. Tea tree oil
4. Bergamot

You can also create essential oils for your eye healthiness at the comfort of your home and they will be trustworthy and healthy because they will be made by you.

So, this is the essential oil serum recipe which can be made by natural items.

1. 8 drops of Eucalyptus oil
2. 5 drops of Rose essential oil
3. 6 drops of Bergamot essential oil

Combine all these ingredients in a small ounce bottle, close the bottle, shake it, pour 2-3 drops around the eyes and be careful to not pour it in the eyes.

⦁ Surgery- Blepharoplasty is a type of eyelid surgery that may help reduce the bags forming under the eyes and repair the baggy/puffy eyes. But this procedure should only be kept at the front when the person has tried every other solution and if it still doesn’t help then a person should approach a medical professional.


So with these simple solutions, we can solve the problems of bags under our eyes at the comfort of our home. We should always remember that all the problems related to our external skin surface can be tackled easily by just doing a little effort to find the root cause of the problem and removing it.

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